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Terms & Condition 

1.    Offer Rate

1.1    The services listed in this offer are based on the attached itinerary and departure dates. Please review the inclusions carefully as additional charges may apply later for any omissions;
1.2    The services listed in this offer are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed until confirmation is received;
1.3    A supplement fee for critical entrance may apply if the group ticket and reservation are unavailable;
1.4    If there are any changes or cancellations to the itinerary or departure dates after the offer has been confirmed, additional charges will be incurred;
1.5    Any additional charges or service supplements are not eligible for a complimentary offer or discount;
1.6    The rates quoted in this offer are applicable for group meals and the restaurant will provide a designated dining area;
1.7    Availability of porterage service at hotels, airports, stations, or piers cannot be guaranteed and a supplement fee may apply if alternative arrangements are necessary;

2.    Offer Validity

2.1    If this offer cannot be confirmed by the Offer Validity Date, Activo reserves the right to adjust the prices afterward;
2.2    Activo reserves the right to refuse late-go-ahead groups confirmed less than 30 days prior to the departure date and to adjust the offer accordingly;
2.3    For groups confirmed less than 15 days prior to the departure date, a 15% additional charge on top of the total cost will be required for last-minute service bookings.

3.    Child Rate

3.1    Child rate (2-12 years old):
  3.1.1    Without extra bed in twin room is 60% of adult fare (Max.6 years old)
  3.1.2    With extra bed in twin room is 80% of adult fare (Max. 12 years old)
  3.1.3    With sharing half twin room is 100% of adult fare. (At any age)

3.2    Infant rate (Under 2 years old):
  3.2.1    With/Without extra bed in twin room is free of charge.
  3.2.2    With sharing half twin room is 100% of adult fare.
  3.3    If number of children exceeds 20% of total group size, adult fare shall be applied on exceeded.
  3.4    Child rate is calculated separately from total number of adult rate bracket offer.

4.    Exchange Rate

4.1    All rates are quoted in EURO.
4.2    If payment needs to be made in another currency, the exchange rate will be based on the exchange rate of the website on the payment date, unless otherwise agreed.

5.    Special Period

5.1    Special Period mainly refers to fair periods, but also includes traditional holidays, cultural festivals, special performances, exhibitions, sports events, etc.;
5.2    If group's travelling period falls in Special Period, surcharge may apply on hotel accommodation, coaches, meals, guides & other services due to limited supply;
5.3    Activo reserves the rights to relocate groups to stay at hotel which is on the outskirts of affected city (up to 150km distance);
5.4    Please refer to attached 'Appendix' for the fair list.

6.    Hotel

6.1    Some quoted hotels do not equip with air conditioning facility. If air conditioned are necessary, Activo preserves the rights to adjust the offer;
6.2    If F.I.T. breakfast is required, surcharge applies when necessary and advised upon confirmation;
6.3    Total cancellation deadline is 30 days prior to tour departure unless otherwise stated;
6.4    Room reduction charge will apply when the number of room reduction exceeds the following conditions:
  6.4.1    Up to 14 days prior to the tour departure, a 15% decrease of the total number of rooms is allowed.
  6.4.2    Between 13-8 days prior to the tour departure, a 5% decrease of the remaining room block is allowed.
  6.4.3    Within 7 days of the tour departure, no decrease is permitted.
6.5    Most the cities taxes are charged in "per person per night", and the information for reference only. Exact city taxes will be subjected to final hotel confirmation.

7.    Coach & Driver

7.1    Any request for coach over 49+1+1 seaters, surcharge will be advised upon confirmation;
7.2    Expected driver tips are 2 Euros (or GBP 2 in U.K.) per person per day, and for single transfer services, expected driver tips are 1 Euro per person per trip;
7.3    Drivers' accommodation must be provided by the client in all cities whereas hotels are not arranged by Activo;
7.4    Coach is forbidden to transfer luggage without passengers crossing the country borders. Driver reserves the rights to refuse such request.
7.5    Maximum legal driving time:
  7.5.1    Daily driving period shall not exceed 9 hours;
  7.5.2    Total weekly driving hours:    For 7 consecutive days shall not exceed 56 hours (Average 8 hours per day);    For 12 consecutive days shall not exceed 90 hours (Average 7.5 hours per day).
7.6    Maximum legal working time:
  7.6.1    12 hours per day in a week (Therein 2 days can be extended to 14 hours);
  7.6.2    One driver can only work for a maximum 12-day single occasional service. If the service is over 12 days, 2nd driver will be required to facilitate 1st driver's holidays;
  7.6.3    Breaks of at least 45 minutes (separable into 15 minutes followed by 30 minutes) should be taken after 4 1/2 hours at the latest;
  7.6.4    If service is required to start before 06:30, surcharge apply.
  7.6.5    Different coach companies have different agreements on the working hours of drivers, with the vast majority being 10-12 hours per day. The difference between the agreed working hours and the maximum legal working hours for drivers is considered as overtime;
  7.6.6    Overtime:    If the tour itinerary cannot be completed within the drivers' legally maximum working hours, the tour leader or client is required to bear the risk and liability in accordance with EU regulations;    If the driver's overtime does not violate EU regulations, the expected overtime pay is 50 to 100 Euros per hour;    The driver has the right to refuse overtime, and Activo does not intervene in the overtime issue between the tour leader/client and the driver/coach company.

8.    Tour Cancellation

8.1    Client and Activo reserve the right to withdraw or cancel a tour within 7 days after acceptance of the offer, provided that the cancellation is not less than 30 days prior to tour departure;
8.2    The following scale of charges will apply when cancellation is notified:
  8.2.1    If the cancellation is made 30 days or more before the tour departure date, there will be no cancellation fee (0%);
  8.2.2    If the cancellation is made between 21-30 days before the tour departure date, a cancellation fee of 30% of the total price will be charged;
  8.2.3    If the cancellation is made between 8-20 days before the tour departure date, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total price will be charged;
  8.2.4    If the cancellation is made within 7 days of the tour departure date, a cancellation fee of 100% of the total price will be charged.
8.3    For all the pax number reduction less than 7 days prior to the service date,100% cancellation fee will be charged for the reduced pax.

9.    Tour Finalization

9.1    All tours must be finalized not less than 7 days prior to tour departure; otherwise, Activo reserves the rights to decide on suitable alternatives.

10.    Payment

10.1    Full pre-payment is required 7 days before tour departure;
10.2    Activo reserve the right to cancel bookings without notice when tour fare is not paid on time;
10.3    0.04 % interest charge per day will be applied on late payment of the invoices.

11.    Others

11.1    Any disputes about the invoice or service quality have to be addressed in writing within two weeks after tour return. Late claims will be not entertained;
11.2    Passenger is responsible for all their personal belongings at all time. Activo is not responsible for passenger belongings.

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